I have transformed a special genetic code to this simple vibrafone melody. Code is presumably a part of The LUCA ( The Last Universal Common Ancestor ). It is a embryo of all current life on Earth, and is estimated to have lived some 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago. The composition of the LUCA can be studied by comparing the genomes of organisms living today. By this means, a 2016 study identified a set of 355 genes inferred to have been present in the LUCA. Here is a little fragment of this immemorial sonata for You.

I have recently been working with scientist in the Department of Biochemistry/Molecular Plant Biology in University of Turku, Finland. I have made drawings with cyanobacteria and done installations with it`s DNA-sequences ( see Work – BIOART). Now I am working with my nephew, who is studying in Sibelius-Academy. He is making a composition for Organs of this old code. I shall paint these notes with bacteria and expose them to canvas.